Her Royal Majesty


He inhaled, pressed his lips to the cold metal of his favorite harmonica and blew out a simple royal procession loudly and clearly.

“Her royal majesty,” he said in a bellowing voice that echoes through the room. “Princess Kayla Marie…”

A pause. A chance for the little girl bouncing up and down in front of the coffee table to let her intentions be known. She spun in a circle, giggling loudly and clapping her hands together as she waited for the declaration to be completed.

“Spins in circles,” her father said with a grin on his face, and the little girl started spinning again.

Setting Our Own Foundations

Back then, I didn’t think much of this game that my dad and I played. It was just that: a game. I was a princess, and he was my loyal subject. I’m not sure he thought too much about it, either. He still plays the tune when we sit in the music room and he runs though his harmonica library. He pauses, looks at me, and I wait to see how he’ll read and record my actions.

It wasn’t actually until I was trying to think of a name for this blog that the tune and idea of “Princess Kayla Marie” came to mind again. I thought of the little melody over and over again, and realized how much I like it.

I never realized something important back then, and I’m not sure he did, either. Or, maybe I’m just not giving him enough credit for a simple foundation that this song helped lay in my personality.

It’s not that I think I’m a princess. A simple message wound it’s way into our game’s melody, and it began shaping how I lead my life.

That's my dad. He's pretty cool.

My dad always initiated the song and played the opening notes for me, but he never went on without my input. It was always up to me how the song would end. My actions, my choices dictated how the song would finish. Sure, my parents were always there alongside me and would help me think of something when I was stuck, but, really, it was always up to me.

And that’s one of the most important lessons we can learn, I think. That ultimately, it’s up to us. I’m not a terribly decisive person, nor do I believe myself to be very independently minded. I’m not one to rush into something as soon as a thought comes into my mind. But I do choose my own path. Once I get an idea, though, I always find myself calling my mom just to chat, or reading my words aloud to my dad to help me get a better idea of what lies on the path I’ve chosen.

It seems I always need an accompaniment for my composition.

That’s me, Kayla Marie. I’m just another person making their way through the world, and I hope you enjoy reading a bit about my take on this big ol’ planet of ours!
“Her royal majesty, Princess Kayla Marie, believes she’ll find her path, with her family and friends always cheering her on from the side.”

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