Personal Growth: 31 Days of Watercolors

It’s easy to remain stagnant; to sit at rest when free time appears and feel that you are making the most of every minute. Eventually, stagnant begins to feel like lazy, and if you’re not careful, you’ll spend months this way without realizing how little you are doing for yourself.

The Sims are the ones who taught me that there is time to work, clean, pain, read & live all in one day. They also taught me that sometimes you just have to ignore what the world tells you and do what you want to do!

And so, like my Sims, I decided to practice painting.

I’m not much of a visual artist. I can twist words into pretty packages, but pigments have never been as pliable to my hands. My Sims weren’t artists when they started, either, but with lots of practice, they mastered their skills.

This is what I reminded myself of as I headed to a local art store. Living in Korea, I hadn’t discovered an art store of this size until recently, and I was excited to explore. I came home with a cheap 18-color watercolor tube set, 12 brushes I would regret buying as their hairs won’t stop falling out, some decent water color paper and three extra, more expensive tubes of watercolor in colors I couldn’t resist. It only took about three hours to figure all of this out.

After fiddling around with my paints for a few days, these are the pieces I was able to create. Not too shabby, eh?

I found myself wanting to paint every day, but being incredibly frustrated with my lack of skill and direction. Where should I begin to get better? A few blog posts and Quora answeres later, I was still stumped.

Enter Stage Left: My August Watercolor Challenge

Here’s my breakdown for August!

The idea here is not to get a ton of people to do this with me or to become a master in 31 days. The idea is simply to try. The more I paint, the more I’ll discover what I enjoy about painting. From there, I think my next steps will be easier to figure out!

I’m doing this project alongside a 31-day writing project for August, too. That project, however, is not nearly as clear cut. I simply need to write something every day. I know that more stipulations than that will lead me to not write at all, so I’m keeping it as simple as possible!

These days I can practically feel the creative energy dripping from me. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way, so I’m determined to reorganize my life to include the arts I used to love so much in them once again.

Remember, if you’re ever feeling like you’re not good enough at something to devote your time to it, or that you don’t have enough time, you do. You make time for the things that matter most, and what matters more than discovering who you are and what you can do?

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